Sales Orders

The simple solution for managing sales and inventory.

“After two years of use, we are thrilled with the ease and effectiveness of CDM+ for tracking sales and inventory counts. It makes our year-end accounting fast and simple.  I highly recommend it.”

Howie Bierbaum

Executive Director, Portland Saturday Market

Effortless Sales Entry

Having a bake sale? Does your church operate a second-hand store or coffee shop? CDM+ Sales Orders makes it easy to quickly enter sales orders in any situation.

Easy To Use

The Sales Orders records window uses a familiar CDM+ interface for entering new sales.

Versatile In Function

Designed for point-of-sale (POS) entry, Sales Orders records handle any order of any complexity.

Easy Inventory Control

Record and track your inventory stock with CDM+ Sales Orders.


Enter an initial quantity and track levels with robust reports.


As you enter sales, inventory reduces the quantity on hand.


Easily restock with a single click.

Impactful Reporting

CDM+ Sales Orders give you the flexibility to track and report activity that makes a difference in your operation.

Custom Reporting

Use custom reporting to build any analysis of inventory, sales, payments, and more.

Flexibile Sorting

Organize reports by inventory category, customer groups, or payment methods.

More Features & Functions


Designed for easy point of sale (POS) entry.

Order multiple items in any quantity.

Discount a partial or full order on a flat rate or percentage basis.

Personalize orders with notes.

Optionally include shipping and handling fees and sales tax.

Supports split payments of cash, check, card, gift card, and custom methods.


Create an unlimited number of inventory items.

Track current stock as items are sold and re-stocked.

Organize items into categories for easy reporting.

Manage SKUs and part numbers.

Track cost and price separately.

Link to Accounts Payable Vendors to assist with re-ordering.


Produce attractive and clean order forms to include with shipping.

Summarizes sales daily or over a period with breakdown by payment method.

Use custom reports to build inventory re-stocking report, sales by category, and more.

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